CATHARSIS – Conference on Architectural Theory, Humanities, Art and Research in Social or Interdisciplinary Sciences aims at integrating students, scholars to exchange their experiences and research results. It provides interdisciplinary platform for educators to discuss the most recent concerns and solutions in the field of humanities. The Conference is arranged in such way that participants may interact with each other freely.

THE SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE – Acclaimed members of the Academia ensure the top quality of the event.

Dr Klara Królewiak-Detsi, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Assistant professor in Department of Psychology of Individual Differences, Diagnosis and Psychometric Research at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. Dr Klara Królewiak-Detsi is an academic teacher, psychologist, and researcher. She is an author of a series of articles about emotional contagion. Her articles were published in journals like The Journal of Social Psychology, Basic and Applied Social Psychology, or Polish Psychological Bulletin. Currently, she focuses on online communication between teachers and students with disabilities.

Dr Eng. Arch. Katarzyna Wysznacka, Lodz University of Technology

Received her Ph.D. degree in Architecture at Lodz University of Technology in Poland. The Scientific Community granted Dr Eng Wysznacka the honorable mention for her work titled ‘The Idea of Labyrinth in Architecture of the 20th and 21st century”. She taught Urban Design, History of Polish Architecture and Propaedeutics of Revitalization.  Her work lies at the intersections between architectural, cultural and archetypical theories in order to explore the boundaries of the architectural discipline.  Her articles appeared in such leading journals and scientific books as: – “The Archetype of the Labyrinth in the Architecture of Holocaust Memorials”., Techical Transactions Architecture. Zeszyt 2-A (8), Wydawnictwo Politechniki Krakowskiej, Kraków 2016., -“The Symbolism of the Passage in Architecture”., The Practice of Narrative. Storytelling in a Global Context. Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford 2016. In the years 2015 – 2017, Dr Eng Katarzyna Wysznacka recieved grants from the Orginisation called the Fund of Young Scientists. Her research project were titled: ” The Role of Social Participation in Places of Commemoration”, “The Symbolism of Passage in Architecture”.

Dr Eng. Arch. Karol Wysznacki, Lodz University of Technology

Received his Ph.D. degree in Architecture at Lodz University of Technology in Poland. The Scientific Community granted Dr Eng Karol Wysznacki the honorable mention for his work titled ‘Relation between the architecture of the 20th century and architectural visions in science-fiction movies”. He is currently giving lectures in “Photography and Aesthetics” and “Interior Design” at Lodz University of Technology. He is a professional filmmaker and photographer; throughout his career he has received more than ten prestigious awards for his works. He has attended many international conferences and wrote a multitude of articles researching the topic of intersection between architecture and cinematography.